Vilarinho das Furnas

by Nuno Madeira
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Vilarinho, now known as Vilarinho das Furnas, was a village in the parish of Campo do Gerês, located in the municipality of Terras de Bouro, Braga district, and since 1971 has been submerged by the dam of Vilarinho das Furnas Dam.

In a practically isolated and lost corner between Serra Amarela, to the north and west, and Serra do Gerês, to the south and east, it is still possible to see some of the houses, in ruins, when the water level drops, during the dry season, or when the dam releases water for cleaning.

As is customary in the Minho area, Vilarinho’s houses consisted of two floors: the ground floor for storing cattle and collecting agricultural machinery, and the upper floor for housing.

It was known by the community regime that functioned autonomously from the general and national laws. Who made and respected them was a six-member board headed by a janitor. This board was made up of the elected heads of household where the man was preponderant.

Women could be seated on the board if they were widows or if their husband had emigrated. At the time of its extinction, in October 1970, about 250 people lived in the village, in 57 families.

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Access is on foot, about a kilometer from the dam, via a dirt road that flanks the river on the left bank (looking north).

Along the way, you will have the opportunity to observe the immensity of the dam generated by the dam and also pass by a small waterfall that ends in the waters of the dam.

Vilarinho das Furnas Dam | Diário do Viajante

Vilarinho das Furnas Dam | Diário do Viajante

Vilarinho das Furnas Dam | Diário do Viajante

Vilarinho das Furnas Dam | Diário do Viajante

Vilarinho das Furnas Location

Google Maps Coordinates: 41.7805948, -8.1971882 | open Google Maps
GPS Coordinates: 41° 46′ 50.141″ N 8° 11′ 49.878″ W

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