Chiqueiro Village, rocked by the bells of the flock

by Nuno Madeira
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Chiqueiro village is the smallest of the five Schist Villages in the municipality of Lousã (Talasnal, Casal Novo, Candal and Cerdeira) and is also part of the Schist Villages Network.

“Only the bells of the flocks seem to counteract the feeling that time has long since stopped here” can be read on the huge metal plate at the entrance to the village, where only a couple of inhabitants live with their flock that seems to counteract that same feeling.

Delimited by two small lines of water, the vegetation seems to protect the village all around it on the hillside, in a downward direction.

The main street and some small derivations make up the Village of Chiqueiro which owes its name to the predominant activity, which translated into the raising of goat herds which, together with the presence of deer, roe deer, and wild boar, seems to complete a connection of Man with Nature.

As we walk down the small main street, a young cat seems to take advantage of the sun that tears through the historical houses that keep the humble look.

Attracted by the sound of my presence, a gray-haired lady opens the window and greets me with a huge smile, as if visits were something rare in those parts.


After a few exchanges about the little four-legged one and the privileged silence of that luxuriant vegetation refuge, I crossed the whole village in a few seconds.

The houses in a good state of conservation (or restoration) manage without a doubt to keep the mark of authenticity of the small village of Chiqueiro.

With little more to see beyond the Fountain, the Tank and the Picnic Park, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia is the element of greater prominence, also because of its white color and notes of blue sky break the color of the shale.

The Village of Chiqueiro shared with the Village of Casal Novo and Talasnal a strong connection due to its history, culture, and proximity. And just like the other villages in the municipality of Lousã, Aldeia de Chiqueiro is also included in the Site of Community Importance Serra da Lousã – Natura 2000 Network.

After the visit, or before it, there is no way to pass and not notice the wooden letters that make up the word “Lousã” and what appears to be a frame.

“This is Lousã” is the name with which it is identified and both pieces have been placed in a privileged place from where you can have an almost endless view on the horizon.

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Its location is 40.087832, -8.235386 and there’s a Facebook Page about this and other similar places scattered throughout Lousã.

Chiqueiro Village Map download

Chiqueiro Village Location

Google Maps Coordinates: 40.0862752,-8.2322062 | open on Gogle Maps
GPS Coordinates: 40°05’10.6″N 8°13’55.9″W

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