Azores: The trail into Lagoa do Fogo

by Nuno Madeira
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Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lagoon) is the second-largest lagoon on the island of São Miguel, and also the highest, classified since 1974 as a Nature Reserve due to its natural and scenic value.

With a size of approximately 1360 hectares, this dormant volcano caldera was formed about 15,000 years ago, forming the large volcanic massif of the Serra de Água de Pau.

From the viewpoint, the view is imposing and it is well worth exploring the landscaped and natural beauty of this natural wonder.

The trail into Lagoa do Fogo | Diário do Viajante

I visited this wonder of nature almost towards the end of the afternoon when the sun was turning a yellowish evening tone to all the green that made up the caldera.

Seeing this for me is not enough for this trip, and you have to enjoy it, explore it, live it… And that is why I recommend going down to your base because I know you won’t regret it.

The descent to the boiler is not too complicated and is well worth the effort. From dirt with a few steps along the way, the descent can take about 30 minutes without hurrying and running.

They are about 2 km of dense vegetation but as they approach the base of the boiler and begin to have a better perception of the size, they will realize that a few seconds down there will even compensate.

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The trail into Lagoa do Fogo | Diário do Viajante

Near the end of the descent, the only “obstacle” that may be more complicated will be a wooden staircase that separates you from this small natural paradise.

The trail into Lagoa do Fogo | Diário do Viajante

Peace and silence abound in this little paradise. The sounds we hear are the water that wets our feet on the bank of the boiler and the small birds that fly from side to side as though alerting us to their territory. Pictures like this only lived when I visited Scotland.

If you are lucky enough not to come across many people, or if they are in the same mood to enjoy that refuge, peace will invade your body and at the same time recharge your energies. Take the opportunity to lie on the sand and stay there, as if there was no time or tomorrow. That’s what I did.

The trail into Lagoa do Fogo | Diário do Viajante

The trail into Lagoa do Fogo | Diário do Viajante

The weather in the Azores changed very quickly and by the time I reached the base of the caldera the sky had already been invaded by clouds, but even so, this place is still a little wonder in the middle of the ocean.

Following the trail already marked you will find numerous species of endemic plants of the Azores such as the cedro-do-mato, laurel and bloodthirsty. Halfway there a building that I honestly couldn’t understand what it was doing there. Was it a pier? A pontoon? For what purpose? I didn’t find the information.

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The trail into Lagoa do Fogo | Diário do Viajante

The trail into Lagoa do Fogo | Diário do Viajante

The trail into Lagoa do Fogo | Diário do Viajante

At Lagoa do Fogo beach, enjoy the immensity and the quietness of the place. This is undoubtedly one of the many wonders that cannot be missed when visiting São Miguel Island. For more information and places to visit in Sao Miguel, check out my TOP 10 not to be missed in Sao Miguel.

For this walk, even though it is not complicated, it is recommended to wear proper footwear and close attention to the weather conditions since in this region they can change within 5 minutes as I have seen several times.

Good walk, and good pictures!

Location (viewpoint) Lagoa do Fogo

Google Maps Coordinates: 37.769363, -25.488664 | open Google Maps
GPS Coordinates: 37° 46′ 9.707″ N 25° 29′ 19.190″ W
Track: WalkMeGuide

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